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Toccata for organ

Cover design: Bert Handrick

Toccata for organ

SKU: 100019
  • This Toccata follows the tradition and takes the title (Latin "toccare" = to beat) almost literally - at least in the main motif. But there are also contrasts where long, calm lines take the stage. It all culminates in a grand finale.

    The organ should have at least 2 manuals and a pedal.

    The composition follows a long historical tradition and takes the title literally (latin "toccare" = to beat). But between the "Toccata" -parts you will also find some contrast motives which have long and quiet lines. At the end the Toccata comes to a great finale.

    The organ must have 2 manuals or more and pedal.

  • medium / difficult - medium / high

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